Stay Prepared and Protected: Summer Travel Safety Tips

Person holding a credit card in front of an open laptop, with a camera, sunglasses and other travel props.
May 21, 2024 |
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Get ready for summer fun in the sun! Prioritize account safety while enjoying sandy beaches and exotic destinations. Explore some essential tips to help protect your accounts so you can ease right into worry-free summer adventures.

Don’t carry unnecessary items. Leave checkbooks and checks securely at home. Use cash or credit cards for purchases. Additionally, declutter your purse or wallet by removing unused cards and receipts.

Pause your deliveries. Request a “postal hold” to have your mail temporarily held at the post office. This applies to both mail and regular deliveries, such as meal services or coffee deliveries.

Create the illusion of an occupied home. Coordinate with trusted friends or family members to collect newspapers and mail, preventing your house from becoming a target. Consider arranging for lawn maintenance if you plan to be away for an extended period of time. Timers for lights can also be valuable in maintaining the appearance of activity. Nothing says “we’re out of town” more than a pile of newspapers!

Be prepared and have a contingency plan. Make duplicate copies of your itinerary, passport data page, visas and driver’s license, and entrust them to a designated emergency contact. Prioritize devising a plan in case your documents are misplaced or stolen. If traveling internationally, familiarize yourself with the location of the nearest State Department offices or the appropriate authorities to contact.

Exercise caution when using ATMs. Limit the use of your debit card to securely located Automated Teller Machines (ATMs). It has been reported that fraudulent ATMs have been installed in popular tourist areas with high foot traffic. Be aware of skimmers - if you notice any suspicious activity, or if the machine appears tampered with, inform a staff member and find an alternative location to withdraw funds. When entering your PIN, shield the screen with your other hand to keep anyone from observing your code or capturing it on camera.

Exercise caution when using public Wi-Fi and charging stations. Refrain from performing online banking transactions, making purchases, or accessing email accounts while connected to a public Wi-Fi network. This could lead to criminals easily intercepting and capturing sensitive information transmitted over the same connection.

Beware of vacation rental scams. Stay vigilant for fraudulent listings that feature stolen or computer-generated images, or those that seem suspiciously new with no reviews. Exercise caution when dealing with vacation property managers who request payment outside of the secure online travel platform. Be particularly cautious of individuals who insist on payment through cryptocurrency or gift cards.

Following this advice can help you keep your accounts and identity secure while traveling. Our team is here to help protect you from these types of frauds and schemes. Explore more about these and other scams by visiting our fraud protection resource center.

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