July 5, 2022 | | Business Insights

This presentation focuses on specific types of fraud businesses should watch for. You will gain knowledgeable insight from our team of treasury and payments experts, along with forensic accountant and industry expert, Tim Tribe, Managing Member of Ingen Financial Forensics.

Topics include shifting fraud trends in the payment environment, common types of fraud that impact businesses, best practices and steps companies should take to mitigate risk and protect processes and operations.

Meet the Presenter:

Tim TribeTim D. Tribe, CPA/CFF, CFE, CICA

Tim Tribe is an experienced accounting professional, expert witness and fraud examiner and is the founding member of Ingen Financial Forensics. He has more than twenty-two years of experience in accounting and auditing and has worked with a diverse set of clients in a variety of industries ranging in size from less than one million dollars in annual revenue to over one billion.

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