10 QUESTIONS | Get to Know Brendan Morse of Citywide Bank

10 Questions with Morse

Meet Brendan Morse. Brendan is another member of the Citywide Banks team that keeps our bank at the forefront of great service and innovation. As Senior Vice President, Treasury Management Officer, Brendan heads up our Treasury Management team. This team works with our commercial banking clients finding solutions through our product offerings that help each company simplify cash management, strengthen fraud protection and maximize the earning power of deposits.


Let’s learn a little more about Brendan in this segment of 10 QUESTIONS.


What was your first job?

Morse: “Mowing lawns”


What is your favorite childhood memory?

Morse: “Making igloos in the winter.”


Did you grow up in Colorado?

Morse: “No, I was born in Indianapolis, Indiana.”


Where is your favorite vacation spot?

Morse: “Northern California, camping on the coast and in the Redwood forests.”


What is your favorite candy?

Morse: “Skittles”


How would you spend the Powerball jackpot?

Morse: “Very carefully”


What is your favorite outdoor recreational activity?

Morse: “Skiing”


Which Colorado ski area is your favorite?

Morse: “Steamboat”


What is your favorite movie?

Morse: “Fantastic Mr. Fox “


What is one thing you cannot do without?

Morse: “Earl grey tea”