10 QUESTIONS | Get to Know Stacey Shanti Pitschka of Citywide Banks

Ten Questions with Stacey

Meet Stacey Shanti Pitschka. Stacey is another member of the Citywide Banks team that keeps our bank at the forefront of great service and innovation. As Executive VP, Retail Banking Manager, Stacey oversees our consumer and small business product lines and management of our 25 banking centers. That’s a big job, but Stacey handles it with grace and a smile. There must be something to all that yoga and meditation.

Let’s learn a little more about Stacey in this segment of 10 QUESTIONS.

What do you like the most about living in Colorado?

Pitschka: “Camping and hiking in the high country, and wading in an alpine lake in the peak of summer. I love Lake Irwin in Crested Butte! Shhh.”

What is the one thing you cannot do without?

Pitschka: “My daily yoga practice. Ohm…”

What is your favorite outdoor recreation activity?

Pitschka: “Kayaking.”

Where is your birthplace?

Pitschka: “Wausau, Wisconsin.”

What is your favorite childhood memory?

Pitschka: “Hanging out at the lake all summer long at our cabin in northern Wisconsin. I hung out with all of my “summer friends” that came up with their families for the summer. We played outside all day, almost all day; we came in at 1:00pm to watch our favorite soap opera, General Hospital, then headed back outside and did not come back in until suppertime!”

What was your first job?

Pitschka: “Nanny for two kids at a beautiful home on a lake.”

What is your favorite restaurant?

Pitschka: “Sherpa House in Golden, Colorado – yum, salmon saag.”

How would you spend the Powerball jackpot?

Pitschka: “Travel the world, starting with India, then Morocco, then Europe, then…”

Which Colorado ski resort is your favorite?

Pitschka: “I taught yoga in Vail at the base Gondola last summer. July in Vail is the best! Great time to visit the Betty Ford Alpine Gardens, too.”

Where is your favorite vacation spot and when did you last go there?

Pitschka: “Anywhere by the ocean. It has been too long. In October 2016, we took a trip to Napa Valley and played along the coast, kayaking, hiking, practicing yoga and visiting great wineries. We floated our kayaks through the bioluminescence on Tomales Bay at night, what a magical evening!”