Pink Ribbon Debit Card FAQs

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What is the “Get the Card. Join the Fight.” campaign? 

Citywide Banks is a community bank and the “Get the Card. Join the Fight.” campaign is the bank’s latest effort to give back to the community. The campaign will raise funds to fight breast cancer right here at home. Every time a personal checking account customer uses their new Pink Ribbon Debit Card to make a purchase, the bank will make a contribution—at no cost to our customer—to the Platte Valley Medical Center Foundation in Brighton, CO. 

What is the Pink Ribbon Debit Card?

It is a new debit card the bank is issuing to personal checking account customers who want to join the fight against breast cancer. 

How much does the Pink Ribbon Debit Card cost?

The card is free to new customers who open a personal checking account. We believe that many of our existing, personal checking account customers will also want to join the campaign. We will reissue a Pink Ribbon Debit Card at no expense to those customers. 

Are there any restrictions?

The bank will contribute to our partner whenever a customer uses their Pink Ribbon Debit Card to make a purchase, but the contribution will not apply to ATM transactions. 

Why breast cancer?

Breast cancer is a leading killer of women. It also affects men. Breast cancer is treatable when detected in early stages. On a local level it has affected the lives of many co-workers, friends and families. 

Why not contribute to research to find a cure for breast cancer?

We fully realize that there is a critical need to raise dollars for research to find a cure for breast cancer. But we also feel that there is a need to focus dollars right here at home to help those fighting their own personal battle against the disease. 

Is the bank and/or this promotion associated with the Susan G. Komen Foundation?

No. We have selected a local partner for our contribution that works directly with individuals affected by breastcancer in the markets we serve. 

Why was our partner chosen?

We have 5 goals in this campaign 

1. Eliminating breast cancer as a major health problem 

2. Preventing breast cancer 

3. Saving lives through treatment and diminishing suffering from breast cancer 

4. Breast cancer research

5. Breast cancer education

With these as our goals we looked for a local partner whose mission most closely matched as many of these goals as possible. 

How will our partner use the money?

When consumers use the card for signature-required credit transactions, a portion of the fees collected from the transaction will benefit Platte Valley Medical Center Foundation, which will enhance the comfort of mammograms in their Woman’s Imaging Center and the provision of a nurse navigator to help these women through every step of their treatment process. 

How much will the campaign raise?

That’s up to our customers. The more people who sign up for the Pink Ribbon Debit Card and the more they use the card, the more the bank will contribute to our partner. At the end of the year, we will present a check to our partner for the amount raised. 

Where can I use my card?

Anywhere Visa is accepted. 

How long will the bank offer the Pink Ribbon Debit Card program?

We have not set an end date for this program. We recognize that our contribution amounts may be affected by regulatory changes or changes in payment practices. Ideally, we will end the program when breast cancer no longer touches the lives of the people we know and love. 

Is there a minimum transaction amount?

No, there is no minimum or maximum transaction amount. 

How long will it take to get my card?

It will take approximately 10 days. 

What should I do with my old card?

After 15 days, your old card will shut down. You should destroy your old card. 

Can I have two cards? A pink one and a standard one?


On a joint account, can one individual have a pink card and the other a standard card?

Yes. Each individual may have the card of their choice. 

Are there any fees to get a Pink Ribbon Debit Card?

There are not fees specific to the Pink Ribbon Debit Card, however, applicable replacement card fees may be assessed. 

What if I lose my card?

Call your personal banker or call the toll-free number on the website.

How long is my card good for?

Your card is good for 24 months and will be re-issued at that time