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All of us in Colorado want a local community that is safe and vibrant. We want our children and loved ones shielded from harm. We want our businesses to thrive to their fullest potential. However, for too many of our neighbors, coworkers, friends, and family, daily life can be an emotional strain. Left untreated, behavioral health issues can have devastating impacts. For employers and coworkers, the impacts go beyond productivity and absenteeism. Citywide Banks is pleased to present this community resource directory and article series, developed with Mental Health Colorado and the Denver Business Journal. Also, Citywide Banks recommends that all companies learn about Mental Health First Aid classes for their employees.



Colorado Crisis & Support Lines

1-844-493-8255  | 24/7 hotline that is free and confidential  |  CHAT with crisis counselor
1-877-542-7233  |  Anonymously report anything that concerns or threatens you, your family, or your community.


AllHealth Network  |  Info & Appointments 303-730-8858  |  24/7 Crisis Intervention 303-730-3303
A community mental health center providing a comprehensive range of culturally inclusive mental health and substance abuse treatment services for adults, seniors, children and families. While we have multiple locations in Arapahoe and Douglas counties, many of our services, such as substance abuse treatment, psycho-educational testing and Turning Points, can be provided regardless of where you live.


ARAPAHOE HOUSE  |  303-657-3700
The largest and leading provider of substance abuse treatment in Colorado.


A private, nonprofit, community mental health organization serving people with a wide range of mental health needs.


Carson J. Spencer Foundation  |  303-219-5042
The Carson J Spencer Foundation envisions a world where leaders and communities are committed to sustaining a passion for living. We sustain a passion for living through:
• Delivering innovative and effective suicide prevention programs for working-aged people.
• Coaching young leaders to develop social enterprises for mental health promotion and suicide prevention.
• Supporting people bereaved by suicide.


Colorado Behavioral Healthcare Council  |  303-832-7594
Statewide membership organization for Colorado's network of community behavioral health providers


Colorado Mental Wellness Network  |  720-842-9222
Providing opportunities for individuals to improve the quality of their lives, give back to the community, and to change the perceptions of mental health.


Denver Health Mental Health Services  |  303-602-4357
Treatment for a variety of child/adolescent and adult behavioral and emotional disorders.


Helen and Arthur E. Johnson Depression Center  |  303-724-3300
Part of the National Network of Depression Centers, this center is dedicated to transforming the understanding and treatment of depressive illnesses and related mood disorders. It is located on the University of Colorado’s Anschutz Medical Campus.


Jefferson Center for Mental Health  |  303-425-0300
A non-profit, community behavioral health organization serving residents of Jefferson, Clear Creek, and Gilpin counties.


Mental Health Center of Denver  |  303-504-6500
A non-profit, community behavioral health organization serving residents of Denver.


Mental Health Colorado  |  720-208-2220
The state's leading advocate for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of mental health and substance use disorders.


Mental Health First Aid Colorado  |  303-832-7594
Mental Health First Aid is a groundbreaking, internationally recognized, evidence-based, training program committed to empowering individuals to identify, understand, and respond to those in a mental health and substance abuse crisis.


NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Colorado  |  303-321-3104
Connecting, educating, and supporting individuals affected by mental illness and their families.


Rocky Mountain Crisis Partners

1-844-493-8255  |  24/7, free Colorado Crisis & Support Line
We operate the Colorado Crisis and Support Line, Colorado's statewide crisis hotline and warmline at 1-844-493-TALK(8255) and a free Program Services Directory.  We are experienced and knowledgeable; offering support, consultation and assistance to anyone in the community who may need it - individuals, families, friends, treatment providers, law enforcement and first responders. We are Coloradans, your neighbors, and your support system.

Citywide Banks Shares Its Passion for Promoting Mental Health Wellness across the Front Range

By Steve Ebner, Citywide Banks
It’s all around us, but it’s easy to ignore. We tell ourselves it won’t affect me, my family, or my friends. The challenge (or blessing) is that all of us are impacted by one another’s mental health. This drives our interactions, relationships, physical health, and, for our local businesses, our productivity. Very simply, we are all in this together, and everyone plays an important role in the vitality of our community’s mental health wellness. It’s the reason why Citywide Banks has been such an active promoter of Mental Health First Aid and other behavioral health campaigns for decades.

Denver Health Innovating School-Based Mental Health & Substance Treatment Program in Denver Schools

Through the support of individual and corporate donors like Citywide Banks, Denver Health is changing the face of how care is delivered to youth with mental health and substance problems. One example is the recent implementation of school-based mental health and substance treatment.

Pay Attention to Mental Health and Save in the Long Run

By Andrew Romanoff, Mental Health Colorado
When you’re raised by a social worker and a prosecutor, you hear a lot about mental health. My mother spent her first year in graduate school performing social work at a state mental institution. Her father, a psychiatrist, conducted evaluations at the same facility. But eventually that hospital, like many others around the country, was shut down. 

How Do We Make Our State a National Leader in Mental Health Care?

By Mental Health Colorado
That’s the mission of Mental Health Colorado. Since our founding in 1953, we’ve led the fight to prevent, diagnose, and treat mental health and substance use disorders. Our organization works with lawmakers, state and local agencies, mental health providers, and business groups – among other stakeholders – to remove barriers to care.

The $70 Billion Cost Driver No One Is Talking About

By Brian Turner, Colorado Behavioral Healthcare Council
Identifying key cost drivers for your business is an absolute necessity. No matter how unique your product or remarkable your service, if you don’t understand the root causes of key costs for your business, you will never reach the scale and success we all envision for our organizations. Address those root causes and boost your bottom line. 

Better Mental Health Care - What the World Stands to Gain

By Mental Health Colorado
What would you do with an extra trillion dollars? That’s the price we pay for depression and anxiety disorders. A recent study by the World Health Organization estimated the impact of mental illnesses on the global economy. 

Mental Health: A Major Health Issue Lurking in the Shadows

By Karen McNeil-Hill, Colorado Health Foundation
Thousands of Coloradans, from our children to our parents, are struggling with mental health challenges. And these challenges can range from having a down day, or being stressed by work or school, to chronic mental health issues. While mental health is a prominent concern across communities, according to the Mental Health Data Spotlight, there’s a disturbing trend in the rising number of Coloradans who are skipping care because they feel ashamed or embarrassed. 

Erasing the Mental Health Stigma

By Eric E. Muenks, PhD. LMHC, University of the Rockies 
We’ve come a long way in society toward reducing bias with many groups. Jokes about people of color, people who identify as LGBTs, and similar groups are no longer acceptable, but it’s still acceptable in most circles to make fun of or laugh about persons with mental illness. 

Crisis Services Start Here

By Datjaeda Moore, Colorado Crisis Services
Stress, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, substance abuse, family crisis. Sometimes the list seems to go on and on. Often people suffering from these matters feel alone with nowhere to turn. The fact is they are not alone. An average of one in four adults and one in 10 children in the United States experiences a behavioral health issue every year. One of the hardest realities is that many will not seek support or get help. 

Get Screened Colorado: 9 Screening Tools

By Mental Health Colorado
One out of every four Coloradans – more than one million in all – experiences a mental health or substance use disorder. Yet most go without the care they need. Mental Health Colorado offers nine screening tools. 


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