For the past 18 years, Citywide Banks has hosted an Economic Forecast forum in late January or early February. And, somehow, the event frequently coincides with a snowstorm in Denver. Prior to this week's event, guests had battled snow four out of five years. This year, Citywide decided to embrace our "tradition" and turn it into another opportunity to give a hand-up to those most vulnerable in winter weather.

Our plan was to donate $1,000 to the Denver Rescue Mission if it snowed three or less inches the night before our event. If it snowed more than three inches, we would donate $2,000.  We called it our 'Let It Snow' Charity Challenge.

On the morning of Tuesday, February 7, 2017, the skies above Denver were clear and roads were dry. The temperatures were predicted to reach a balmy 63 degrees. The 2017 Citywide Banks Economic Forecast forum took place with a packed house.

Despite the lack of snow, Citywide Banks was proud to give the full $2,000 to Denver Rescue Mission, a local nonprofit that impacts so many every day... even in the warmer weather.