As an Assistant Vice President and Branch Manager at the Citywide Banks branch on Santa Fe Drive in Denver, Mary Sarah Schweiger feels at home at Citywide. While growing up, her parents banked with Citywide. Then, during college, Mary Sarah began her career as an intern at the bank. Now, over a decade at Citywide, she still loves being part of the unique culture at our growing bank.  She’s also very active in the community, volunteering with the Cancer League of Colorado, her local church, and other nonprofits. Let’s learn a little more about one of Citywide’s star employees with these 10 quick questions for Mary Sarah.

What’s your favorite local restaurant?  

Schweiger: “Noonans at Heather Ridge Golf Course in Aurora.”

Where is your birthplace?

Schweiger: “Aurora, Colorado… A born and raised native!”

What’s your favorite Colorado ski resort?

Schweiger: “I have always loved skiing Vail, but lately we have been skiing Winter Park/ Mary Jane. I will ski anything as long as the snow is good! I have never skied Crested Butte, so hopefully one of these days!”

What do you like the most about living in Colorado?

Schweiger: “The sun! I didn’t realize how important the sun was to me until I went to Chicago for school and it was gone! I love that one day it’s snowing and you’re cozy by the fire, and the next day you are out golfing in the afternoon! You just can’t beat our weather!”

What’s your favorite outdoor recreation activity?

Schweiger: “Golfing and Skiing. I have skied since I was a baby. I am just now picking up golf, so I have a lot to learn. But I absolutely love it! I also love to garden and hike. I love love love to go to concerts at Red Rocks!”

What’s your favorite vacation spot anywhere in the world?

Schweiger: “Maddens Resort in Brainerd MN. We have vacationed here my whole life and I don’t think there is a better place to go in the summer!”

What’s your favorite movie?

Schweiger: “Sooo many to choose from but I would have to say Breakfast Club! I love all the John Hughes movies. They are classics!”

What’s your favorite childhood memory?

Schweiger: “I have so many great memories as a child! I used to love going to work with my dad. He wholesaled cars and I would trudge behind him carrying his briefcase full of paperwork, license plates and tools. That sucker was heavy. We would pull up to a dealership and someone would get on the intercom and welcome me by name.  It would just embarrass the hell out of me! I think it’s where I learned to love business!”

What’s your favorite dessert?

Schweiger: “French Silk Pie, but I will never turn down chocolate!!”

How would you spend the Powerball jackpot?

Schweiger: “Oh man! Wouldn’t that be amazing. First of all I would take care of my family. We would take a family trip of luxury and I would spoil my parents like they have always spoiled me! I would buy my father a Little Red Truck like he used to have but sold to pay for my education! I would give large donations to some of the organizations that I love and respect such as Cancer League of Colorado, Colorado Initiative for Inclusive Higher Education, and Colorado Feeding Kids. I would open a bar/restaurant because that has always been a dream of mine. I would love to start a kids center where middle school to teen aged kids could go and learn some of the skills that schools have been forced to cut such as art, music, home ec, auto shop. There aren’t very many places for these kids to go to stay out of trouble, and I think we are missing the mark by not teaching some of these life skills to kids or at least giving kids different experiences to help them figure out their passion. I would invest some money because I love a good gamble! I would probably buy real estate and do a few more fix and flips! I would buy a vacation place in the mountains. I love old Volkswagens so I would purchase a 67’ VW Bus! I would save some for a rainy day! The best part would be to just to take that financial pressure out of the equation of life!”

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