Do Your Part in Helping Break the Stigma of Mental Health

Mental Health Matters

May 30, 2018

By Steve Ebner
VP – Director of Marketing & PR, Citywide Banks

There is a moment in everyone’s life when the world around us pauses, and we are alone with our emotions. For some, this could be a moment of excitement and joy. For others, this may arise from sudden grief or anger. The power of our mind is both amazing and fragile. It is a blessing that makes us human. Its power helps us interpret our world and our connection to others. However, just like our physical health, there are uncontrollable factors that can impact our ability to deal with stress, crisis, addiction, or other emotional challenges. Few of us are equipped with the skills to treat mental illness. However, all of us have the power and the responsibility to help our family members, friends, coworkers, and neighbors to get the help they need. Simply open your mind to thinking differently about mental health wellness.

Here in Colorado, we are fortunate to have an incredible network of caregivers and groundbreaking programs dedicated to mental health wellness. Unfortunately, a staggering amount of Coloradans, from children to adults, are not connecting with the help they need. You can help by reaching out to your family, friends, neighbors, or coworkers that may be in crisis. You can help by knowing the signs and how to respond. You can help by applauding those that have already asked for help.

“Our community is so blessed to have these dedicated teams of professionals ready to help those in need find a path to emotional recovery and wellness,” explained Stephan Ghadaifchian, SVP of Commercial Banking at Citywide Banks. “We sincerely thank these caregivers for the important work they do every day.”

The nonprofit cause of mental health wellness is not new, nor will it go away by simply raising more money. It is, however, one where any one of us can change or even save a life by being aware. Colorado is a special place to live and work. Our state is growing fast, which brings an influx of new demands and pressures on our residents. Now more than ever, we need to stay connected and help one another to ensure a strong, safe, and vibrant community.

Citywide Banks has been a big believer in the significance of mental health wellness for decades. Our bank has been rooted in the cause of mental health wellness since we opened our first branch in Aurora in 1963. Vince Schmitz, the co-founder of Citywide Banks, played an instrumental role in the development of Aurora Mental Health Center in 1975. Throughout the years, our employees have volunteered on the boards of several mental health nonprofits across metro Denver. Today, as we celebrate our 55th Anniversary, we are committed to the growing cause more than ever.

“Our bank believes in the importance of mental health wellness and helping to break the stigma of mental illness,” asserts Kevin Quinn, president and CEO of Citywide Banks. “We encourage every business in Colorado to join us in promoting mental health wellness in their own workplace and across the community.”

Citywide Banks proudly supports the mental health programs at AllHealth Network, Asian Pacific Development Center, Aurora Mental Health Center, Behavioral Healthcare Inc., Colorado Mental Wellness Network, Comitis Crisis Center, Denver Health Foundation, Jefferson Center for Mental Health, Kempe Foundation, Mental Health Colorado, Mental Health Center of Denver, Mental Health First Aid of Colorado, Mile High Behavioral Healthcare, NAMI Colorado, Rocky Mountain Crisis Partners, and others. Please reach out to any of these organizations for more information.

This article is part of a 2018 Mental Health Matters special section published in the Denver Business Journal and presented by Citywide Banks and Mental Health Colorado. Please check out the full series at .