Citywide Banks Commercial Bankers | Lenders Directory

David Adzema
303-365-8062 David Adzema SVP | Commercial Banker
Fred Artes
303-365-8016 Fred Artes EVP | Chief Credit Officer
Maureen Barker
303-365-4014 Maureen Barker EVP | Treasury Management Manager
Chris Cerveny
303-365-3724 Chris Cerveny SVP | Commercial Banker
Rob Crosby
303-365-3864 Rob Crosby VP | Commercial Banker
Janice Fleming
303-365-3723 Janice Fleming Assistant VP | Commercial Banker
Cody Gertz
303-365-8078 Cody Gertz Branch President
Stephan Ghadaifchian
303-365-3622 Stephan Ghadaifchian SVP | Commercial Banker
Mike Giesen
303-365-3722 Mike Giesen Branch President
Gary Gomulinksi
303-365-4042 Gary Gomulinksi SVP | Commercial Banker
Jon Halverson
303-365-8056 Jon Halverson SVP | Commercial Banker
Jon Hanson
303-365-3775 Jon Hanson Branch President
Sharon Hattan
303-365-4047 Sharon Hattan VP | TM Business Development
Brian Hickey
303-365-3852 Brian Hickey Branch President
Kirk Hoffman
303-365-3732 Kirk Hoffman SVP | Commercial Banker
Mary Holm
303-365-3815 Mary Holm SVP | Commercial Banker
Leslie Hord
303-365-8044 Leslie Hord VP | Business Development
Van Horsley
303-365-4023 Van Horsley Division One President
Ron Hoskins
303-365-8053 Ron Hoskins SVP | Commercial Banker
Ines Hsu-Tok
303-365-4027 Ines Hsu-Tok SVP | Commercial Banker
Kirk Huggins
303-365-3872 Kirk Huggins SVP | Commercial Banker
Mark Job
303-365-3832 Mark Job Branch President
Allen Kiel
303-365-3793 Allen Kiel President | Commercial Real Estate Services
Dan Kiel
303-365-3885 Dan Kiel VP | Commercial Real Estate Services
Brian Mackowick
303-365-4035 Brian Mackowick Commercial Banker
Julie May
303-365-3867 Julie May Construction Loan Officer
Janet McCall
303-365-4043 Janet McCall VP | TM Business Development
Tom McDermott
303-365-3789 Tom McDermott EVP of Commercial Banking Group
Connie Meine
303-365-3785 Connie Meine SVP | Commercial Banker
Ched Miller
303-365-3669 Ched Miller SVP | Senior Credit Officer
Desiree Moxon
303-365-3849 Desiree Moxon President | Construction Loans
Deb Neeley
303-365-3658 Deb Neeley VP | Treasury Management Bus. Dev.
Terry NeSmith
303-365-8025 Terry NeSmith SVP | Commercial Banker
David Norwood
303-365-8043 David Norwood Branch President
Kim Palmer
303-365-8059 Kim Palmer SVP | Commercial Banker
Kate Reinhardt
303-365-4046 Kate Reinhardt VP | TM Business Development
Mark Schmidt
303-365-3803 Mark Schmidt Branch President
Joanne Sherwood
303-365-8011 Joanne Sherwood Division Two President
Evan Sisneros
303-365-4094 Evan Sisneros VP | Commercial Banker
Steve Snyder
303-365-3795 Steve Snyder SVP | Commercial Real Estate Services
Mike Spinelli
303-365-3614 Mike Spinelli VP | Commercial Banker
Matthew Tuggle
303-365-4081 Matthew Tuggle Branch President

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