2018 Citywide Banks Poll of Colorado Businesses Showcase Continued Optimism and Growing Concern of Finding Quality Labor

February 14, 2018

Citywide Banks released the results of a new poll of more than 400 CEO and senior level professionals from across Denver and the Front Range. The poll was taken during registration for the bank’s 2018 Economic Forecast event. While based on an unscientific sample, the results pointed to continued optimism by businesses in Colorado.

Nearly all those surveyed (91%) predicted the Front Range’s 2018 economy will see either “significant” or “slow and steady” growth compared to 2017. More than half of the respondents (56%) said that their company expected to add jobs during 2018; up from 53% to the same question in 2017.

Last year, respondents highlighted real estate demand as the top influencer to company growth. This year, the availability and cost of labor topped the list of factors that will impact growth.

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