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WHAT CITYWIDE DOES to Protect Your Info Related to Online Banking
Citywide Banks has implemented a number of technology features to help safeguard your online banking experience. We use a watermark authentication image anytime an OnlineOption user is prompted to input their PIN. This image is personalized to each user and alerts users that the login page is the official OnlineOption website. The feature helps counter "phishing" or "pharming" attempts by fraudulent vendors and individuals.

Citywide Banks' OnlineOption users are also protected through an automated monitoring system, which flags any suspicious activity on a customer's account. Customer transactions, such as withdrawal amounts, are initially tracked in order to develop a profile of 'common transaction types' for each OnlineOption user. If there is an attempt to complete a transaction that is outside of a user's common activity, the system may trigger a set of challenge questions to verify a user's identity. The answers to these questions are defined by each OnlineOption user when they establish their online banking account. Transactions outside of a user's profile are then completed only after the user's identity is verifed.

Citywide Banks also uses current encryption methods to securely transmit data over the Internet. When customers connect to OnlineOption or Bill Pay through a personal computer, any information transmitted is fully encrypted. This means that customer information is scrambled as it travels over the Internet. It is then unscrambled once it safely reaches the Citywide Banks' server.

For Treasury Management business users, Citywide restricts access for new or modified users until their identity can be verified.  Citywide also has the ability to restrict access to OnlineOption to specific IP addresses as desired by the business customer. Citywide Banks also offers the following security products that provides secondary levels of protection on top of the bank's larger fraud control program and multi-layer security infrastructure:
           dfdTRUSTEER Rapport
           dfdACH Filters
           dfdPositive Pay
           dfdSecurity ID Token
           dfdDebit Card Alerts

General Security Procedures
Citywide Banks restricts access to customers' personal information to those employees who need to know that information to provide products or services to you.  We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that comply with federal standards to protect customer information.