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Marble Cloud Security from Citywide Banks

Citywide Banks offers its business customers, MARBLE CLOUDTM, a software-based solution that provides an extra layer of protection against cyber thieves targeting ACH, wire transfers, and online banking. The technology, previously known as Ironkey, creates a specially encrypted web browser for clients to access their Citywide Banks OnlineOptionTM online banking account. MARBLE CLOUD provides a secondary level of protection on top of the bank's larger fraud control program and multi-layer security infrastructure.

MARBLE CLOUD is included (and required) with some Treasury Management services. For other business accounts, MARBLE CLOUD can be added as an optional service for $14.99 per month. Contact a Citywide Banks Treasury Management representative at 303-365-4090 to discuss the benefits for your account.

What's Behind MARBLE CLOUD's Technology?
MARBLE CLOUD has been developed by the same team that created IRONKEY Trusted Access, a portable USB flash drive which enabled users to securely connect to their online banking account through an encrypted web browser. MARBLE CLOUD is the next generation of the Ironkey technology. Best of all, it's easier to use, works on many different types of PCs and mobile devices, and requires no hardware. It's completely software-driven. MARBLE CLOUD is based on patented technology that is used by Homeland Security, FBI, Department of Defense, CIA, and other organizations highly sensitive to online security. The technology earned the 2012 Best Fraud Prevention Solution Award from SC Magazine.

How Does It Work?
Each MARBLE CLOUD account, which will be specifically configured for your Citywide Banks account requirements, will allow you to securely access websites and software applications related to your Citywide Banks account access.  If applicable, this device should be used jointly with a Citywide Banks token ID to access your online banking.  There are specific computer requirements and access restrictions with this device. 

Marble Cloud from Citywide Banks

Six Reasons to Add MARBLE CLOUD to Your Citywide Banks Account
Criminals are increasing their targeting of online banking accounts. These account thefts are occurring not at the bank portal, but on the end-users computers. Criminals realize the difficulty of invading a bank's security, so they take the path of least resistance, which are business and home computer environments. The use of MARBLE CLOUD adds another layer of protection when accessing your Citywide Banks OnlineOption account.

To combat fraud, NACHA (National ACH Clearing House Association), the US-based Electronic Payments Association, and FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) developed guidelines for safe Web banking. MARBLE CLOUD is the only solution available that allows Citywide Banks to offer clients safe online banking that meets NACHA and FBI guidelines without added complexity and inconvenience. MARBLE CLOUD goes beyond NACHA and FBI guidelines to provide an environment that is tamper-resistant and provides protection against hard-to-stop financial malware that can steal credentials without the knowledge of users.

Protecting ourselves from financial malware makes clear business sense. But, too often computer security products rely on us to make the effort of installing and confirming that the promised protection is working. MARBLE CLOUD automates protection with an easy to use secure web browser running inside a secure layer of protection hardened to National Security Agency (NSA) specifications. Following initial setup on your office PC, laptop, or tablet, simply click on your MARBLE CLOUD desktop icon to access your Citywide Banks online banking account.

Over 3,000 of the world's most demanding and security conscious Fortune 500 companies and defense, intelligence, and civilian government agencies already entrust their security to MARBLE CLOUD technology.

MARBLE CLOUD runs on your computer separate from other applications, including your web browser. This keeps criminals out even if your computer is infected with viruses. When you close MARBLE CLOUD, your online banking session ends and can't be accessed. This takes online banking out of reach of criminals using the most sophisticated attacks.

With MARBLE CLOUD, Citywide Banks helps you manage your protection from financial malware. This helps to limit the potential for compromise and resulting risk incurred with online payment and transfer services.
How Do I Add MARBLE CLOUD to My Citywide Banks Account?
Contact the Treasury Management team at 303-365-4090 and ask about getting setup with MARBLE CLOUD.
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Note: The descriptions of the use and effectiveness of this product are those provided by the product’s developer. Citywide Banks makes no independent representations or warranties concerning same.