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Business Visa Debit Card - Citywide Banks

Use Your Business Debit Card for Business Purchases, Travel Expenses, and Extra Cash

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Smart business managers know the power and flexibility of the Citywide Banks Business Debit Card. The card can be used to make purchases anywhere VISA® credit cards are accepted, like office supply retailers, printers, hotels, gas stations and thousands more. Unlike credit cards, the money comes right out of your business checking account. This means, no accumulating balances and no interest charges. The card also enables business people on-the-go to access extra cash at retailers and ATMs throughout Colorado and across the United States.

Save Time by Requesting Additional Cash When Making Purchases
Using the Citywide Banks Business Debit Card can also save you an extra trip to an ATM or the bank to make a withdrawal. Simply tell the sales clerk the additional cash amount you want (availability may vary by retailer), and it will be added to your purchase amount. The full amount comes right out of your bank account, and you get the extra cash. It's that easy!

Varied-Limit Feature - Set Different Daily Limit for Each Employee
If your employees use a company debit card to cover day-to-day business purchases and travel expenses you may want to consider Citywide's 'varied-limit' debit card feature. This optional feature is available to cardholders at no additional cost. It empowers you to set separate daily limits for each of your employee card-holders. Establishing unique limits can help your business control daily spending and reduce the risks related to employee account access.

More Debit Card Benefits for Businesses:
  • Empower key employees with the ability to make business purchases across the country without the hassle of using cash or a business check
  • Keep track of business purchases through Internet Banking and monthly statements
  • Issue multiple cards to key employees that access a single business account
  • "Pay-as-you-go" cash management with no accumulating balance or interest charges
  • Give key employees 24-hour access to extra cash from ATMs around the country
  • Decrease the need to send monthly checks to vendors by setting up automatic debit card payments with qualified vendors
  • Reduce the need for petty cash
  • Debit Card Alerts, personalized notifications to help prevent fraud, is included for all personal, business and HSA debit cards
    business checkingLearn more about DEBIT CARD ALERTS
To report your Debit Card lost or stolen:
(During bank business hours) Call Customer Service at 303-365-3650
(After hours) Call 1-800-523-4175
To Select/Change Your PIN: 1-866-985-2273

To help protect you from fraud, you must use your PIN number to authorize the debit card transaction. Signature-based Debit Card transactions are not available outside the United States.


Ready to Take Advantage of a Citywide Banks Business Debit Card?

If you are a current business checking customer, you probably already have a Business Debit Card. If not, please contact a Citywide Banks Treasury Management representative at 303-365-4090 or email us at .

Not yet a Citywide Banks customer? business checkingClick here to learn more about our business checking accounts.

**Up to six Debit cards with no annual fee are available per business account. Transactions are free at Citywide Banks ATMs. $1.50 transaction fee at non-Citywide Banks ATMs. Non-Citywide Banks ATMs may also charge a network or operator fee.

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