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title company loans

Specialized Business Loan & Treasury Management Solutions for Title Companies

We know that the right money management services can increase efficiency and growth for your title business. Locally owned Citywide Banks offers your title company a local, dedicated, and experienced banking specialist that understands the unique banking demands of the title and settlement industry. Contact Deb Neeley, Title Company Specialist at Citywide Banks, at 303-365-3658 to learn more.

Remote Cashiers Checks, Online Wire Transfers & Other Time Saving Solutions
Citywide Banks can help you spend less time managing your banking and cash flow. Ask about our no-obligation, complimentary COST-BENEFIT EVALUATION, where we compare the bottom line of using Citywide Banks instead of your current service provider.

Here's just a sampling of services that can help Title Companies:

  • Cash Flow Lines of Credit
  • Fraud Protection Tools
  • Online & Mobile Banking
  • Online Bill Pay Services
  • Statements & Check Images on CD
  • Business Debit Card & Credit Card
  • Commercial Mortgage Loans

    Get Extra Layers of Security for Your Title Company
    Citywide Banks is focused on helping title companies in Denver/Boulder grow and prosper. That means providing you advanced tools to help you maximize and protect your deposits. Our bank automatically employs an evolving array of security measures to prevent unauthorized access to our network and customer accounts. Among other steps, Citywide uses an automated monitoring system to flag suspicious transaction activity, multi-factor user login authentication, and advanced encryption methods to securely transmit data.

    When applicable, the following products can provide a business extra layers of security to help prevent fraud.

    TRUSTEER Rapport
    TRUSTEER is a software-based solution that provides an extra layer of protection against cyber thieves targeting ACH, wire transfers, and online banking. remote depositLearn more about TRUSTEER

    ACH Filters enable customers to set trigger points used to prevent a fraudulent transfer of funds from an account. A customer can choose to block any ACH debit or credit items from processing, or they can choose to allow only items between a dollar range, or allow specific payment parameters for a particular payee.

    Monitor and authorize all checks presented for payment online to help prevent fraud.

    This is a small, portable device that regularly regenerates a portion of the login code for a customer's online banking login. As applicable, these tokens are used by business customers in conjunction with other login credentials to access their Citywide Banks accounts online.

    More Fraud Control Resources
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    Contact Deb Neeley today to learn more about how Citywide Banks can help move your title company forward.
    Deb Neeley - Title Company Banking Specialist Citywide Banks

    Title Company
    Banking Specialist

    Deb Neeley
    Vice President,
    Citywide Banks


    Reminder: Please do not include sensitive/private information in unsecured emails.
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